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Open Tournament
These tournaments are buddy tournaments and are held in conjunction with the Northeast Iowa Bass Anglers regular club tournaments.
Come join us.  Pre-register ONLY.
5 fish live weigh-in for money winnings. Entry fee is just $60 per boat and includes big bass entry. Call and sign your team up today.
Please use registration form below for pre-registration.

   2020 Opens Schedule  
Date           City                                  Launch site                         take off time
April 26        Prairie DuChien             City Marina Ramp                  CANCELLED
June 21        Lansing                         Village Creek Ramp               Safe light
July 19         Prairie DuChien             City Marina Ramp                  Safe light
Sept. 13       Lansing                          Village Creek Ramp               Safe light             
October 11   Prairie DuChien             City Marina Ramp                  Safe light
April 26th  Prairie



June 21st  Lansing

1st      Kent Johnson/Adam Ferdette        12.52       
2nd     Mike Blassi/Greg Hill                      12.07 
3rd      Brian Niebuhr/Jeff Meyer                11.99 
4th      Steve Houdek/Jon Houdek             11.91
5th      Jim Klemp/Jay Christensen            11.81
6th      Dan Parker                                      11.81
7th      Josh Roseberry/Jason Carney        11.68
8th      Collin Tweten/E Redenius               10.94
9th      Dave Wilson/Brodi Wilson               10.78
10th    Scott Ford/Randy Beard                  10.47
11th    Harry Heins/Kaston Mathis              10.09
12th   Jake Munger/Bowen Munger            10.02
13th    Dave Holst/Jacob Holst                    9.72
14th    Buzzy Roloff/Jerry Mundt                 8.86
15th    Jason Miller/Blake Bresnahan          8.70
16th    Dennis Sellers/Jerry Duncklee          8.67
17th    Cody Oberfoell/Ken Oberfoell           8.40
18th    Justin Shepard                                  6.56
19th    Jake Usher/Randy Usher                  1.99
20th    Jeremy Miller/William Miller               1.87

​  1st   Jason Miller/Blake Bresnahan            3.98
   2nd  Jim Klemp/Jay Christensen               3.27  

July 19 Prairie

1st      Jim Klemp/Jay Christensen                    13.65        
2nd     Cyrus Butters/Andrew Brooks                 13.58    
3rd      Trent Beier/Troy Beier                             12.73    
4th       Matt Goltz/Scott Goltz                            12.29  
5th       Dave Wilson/Justin Schmadeke            12.08       
6th      Brent Ostrander/Jake Ostrander             12.07   
7th      Hunter Sheckler                                      11.62   
8th      Jim Sullivan                                             11.32 
9th      Kent Johnson                                          11.30
10th    Ben Ford/Cole Ford                                10.97  
11th    Buzzy Roloff/Carson Wolfe                     10.49     
12th    Smith/Night                                               9.79    
13th    Chris Lentz/Nick Forrie                             9.68   
14th    Josh Roseberry/Jason Carrey                  9.58
15th    Brian Niebur/Jeff Moyer                            9.46
16th    Tyler Block/Brad Romig                            9.39
17th    Steve Houdek/John Houdek                     9.33
18th    Zeb Mathews/Danny Mathews                 9.05
19th    Bob Vaughn/Jeff Heiny                             8.93
20th    Harry Heins/Kashton Mathis                    8.82
21st    Dan Parker/Jeff Ecklseder                       8.71
22nd   Dennis Sellers/Jerry Duncklee                3.47

  1st   Dave Wilson/Justin Schmadeke               3.72  
  2nd  Jim Klemp/Jay Christensen                      3.69
​ September 13  Lansing
1st      Clay Torson / Jacob Maloney                13.13
2nd     Steve Houdek / Jon Houdek                  12.46
3rd      Tony Puelz                                             12.45
4th      Buzzy Roloff / Jeff Horak                        12.41
5th      Harry Heins / Kodall Dinsdale                11.78
6th      Scott Ford / Randy Beard                       11.73
7th      Mike Jenks / Deb Jenks                         11.41
8th      Joel Cox / Brennan Chapman                11.20
9th      Brandon Faber / Duwane Faber            10.83
10th    Kevin Schultz / Joe Ronner                    10.72
11th    Dan Parker / Jeff Ecklseder                    10.52
12th    Justin Shepard                                        10.49
13th    Taylor Bryant                                           10.41
14th    Jason Miller / Tim Vondersit                    9.90
15th    Kent Johnson / Adam Ferdette               9.86
16th    Dave Wilson / Tim Tudor                         9.60
17th    Dave Holst / Jacob Holst                         9.53
18th    Zeb Mathews / Logan Sullivan                9.27
19th    Mike Blaesi                                              8.14
20th    Ryan Soeppe / Joe Moyer                       5.95
21st     Josh Grapp / David Kreger                     5.35
22nd    Brian Hiebar  / Brad Bomig                     4.64
23rd     Dan Riker / Noah Riker                           4.46

​1st     Kevin Schultz / Joe Ronner                       3.68 
2nd    Clay Torson / Jacob Maloney                    3.67
October 11  Prairie

1st       Tony Puelz / Taylor Burgin            16.07  
2nd      Jim Klemp /                                   14.64
3rd      Adam Hermsan / Keaton Williams  14.22
4th      Josh Grapp / Jason Swanson        13.92
5th      Jerry Mundt / Buzzy Roloff             12.79
6th      Jon Houdek / Jim Sullivan              12.67
7th      Kass Brandell / Jack Ostrander      12.59
8th      Zeb Mathews / Logan Sullivan       12.55
9th      Todd Reed / Trent Beier                 12.12
10th    Clay Torson /                                  12.02
11th    Pat Soppe / Ryan Soppe                12.01
12th    Joel Cox                                          11.78
13th    Harry Heins / Dustin Voss              11.44
14th    Dennis Sellers / Jerry Duncklee     11.26
15th    Kent Johnson / Ken Mitchel           11.14
16th    Bob Garman / Rob Blanchard        11.07
17th    Terry Puelz                                     10.69
18th    Tim Vondersit / John Patrick          10.47
​19th    Dan Parker / Mike Blaesi               10.33
20th    John Baumunk / Brady Hanna       10.27
21st    Mike Taylor / Mason Yaun              10.06
22nd   Scott Ford / Randy Beard                9.89
23rd    Dave Wilson / Tim Tudor                 9.78
24th    Jeff Hagen / Scott Lang                   8.02
25th    Chris Lentz / Nick Ferrie                  6.87

1st   Tony Puelz / Taylor Burgin                  4.53    
2nd  Adam Hermson / Keaton Willams      3.79   
Anglers MUST pre-register for our open tournaments per Iowa DNR Covid 19 Regulations.  Please use the form to the left and follow the instructions.  On site registration will not be accepted.  Please read the DNR regulations on our Iowa Bass Nation page and please follow the required regulations.  Be prepared to have representatives from the DNR to be present to make sure rules are being followed.  Please lets do our best to comply so we can continue to have these tournaments.