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For club members, we have the following changes for how tournament fees will be paid and the draw for the 2019 fishing season.

All members in the club draw will now have to prepay all tournaments.

Starting with the April 28th tournament, all boaters and non-boaters will have to let Jim Sullivan know whether you are fishing boat or no boat by April 7th.  Tournament fees need to be paid and sent to Jerry Mundt by April 12th.  Anyone not paid by the 12th will not be in the club draw.  A non-boater club member could still fish the tournament if they missed the draw, but would have to find a boater outside the club to fish with.   Reason being, boaters will be paired with boaters after all non-boaters have a partner, and also anglers need enough time to figure out motel accommodations ahead of time instead of waiting until the week of the tournament to find lodging.

The club draw will be held for the next tournament after the weigh-in on April 28th and all tournament weigh-ins thereafter.  Tournament fees for the next tournament will be payable at the time of the draw.  If a non boater is not at one of the tournaments and wishes to fish the next scheduled tournament, they need to let someone know as soon as possible before the previous tournament that they want to fish.  With that commitment, the non-boater is required to pay their $30 entry fee, (non refundable) by the end of the week of the notification. 

In the past, we have had non-boaters decide not to fish a tournament at the last minute, leaving the boater holding the bag for the entire entry fee, which will not happen anymore with the new policy.

Those club members fishing state tournament at Dubuque need to have their entry fee paid by the July 21 club tournament or sent to Jerry Mundt by July 21st.

Send entry form and fees to:​
​Jerry Mundt  946 S. Frederick Ave.  Oelwein, IA  50662

Non member Open anglers:
If you wish to be in the draw for boat position, you will need to have your entry sent to Jerry Mundt by the same April dates above.  As before you can use the Open entry form on the Opens page and send with your entry fee.  If you wish to not pre-register that soon, you can still use the entry form and send fees to Jerry Mundt or bring to the tournament site the day of the tournament.  The boat position for takeoff will be in the order received.