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Club Tournaments

Draw Partners within our club, left over boaters can pair together but are encouraged to get other partners to increase boat number and introduce new people to club.
We will fish for points from the 5 biggest fish live weigh-ins used during the open tournaments. Entry fee is just $60 per boat.
May 6th  PDC, WI


Big Bass   
June 3rd PDC, WI

1st    Buzzy Rolloff / Reggie Horak           13.64
2nd  Jim Sullivan / Nathan Swisher          12.53
3rd   Steve Houdek / Jerry Duncklee        11.98
4th   Jerry Mundt / Dave Wilson                11.07
5th   Dan Parker / Korey McIntire              10.51 
6th   Aaron Robinson / Chris Reese           8.60 
7th   Randy Moose / Bryce Tucker             7.89
8th   Ron Kruger / Nathan Raush               7.13 
​9th   Dennis Sellers / Sam Rodman           5.95 

 Big Bass 
​Steve Houdek / Jerry Duncklee                 3.40
July 15th Lansing, IA

1st    Rick Robinson / Steve Houdek         13.45     
​2nd   Dennis Sellers / Jerry Duncklee        12.41 
3rd    Buzzy Rolloff / Korey McIntire           12.34
4th    Dan Parker / Jim Sullivan                  11.46
5th    Dave Wilson                                      11.27  
6th    Jerry Mundt / Sam Rodman              10.83
7th    Randy Moose / Nathan Swisher         6.09
8th    Ron Kruger / Aaron Robinson            1.74

​Big Bass 
Dennis Sellers / Jerry Duncklee                 3.53   
August 26th Harpers Ferry, IA

1st     Buzzy Rolloff                                11.15     
​2nd    Dennis Sellers / Bryce Tucker       6.10
3rd     Ron Kruger / Steve Houdek           5.6
4th     Dave Wilson / Jerry Duncklee        3.10

Big Bass  Buzzy Rolloff                                 3.8   
October 7th PDC. WI

1st      Jerry Mundt / Dennis Sellers         13.52    
2nd     Buzzy Rolloff / Jerry Duncklee        9.92
3rd      Dave Wilson                                    7.66
4th      Randy Moose                                  6.91
5th      Ron Kruger                                      4.81

Big Bass  Jerry Mundt / Dennis Sellers       2.86

         2018 Points Standings 
1st      Buzzy Rolloff            397  
2nd     Jerry Duncklee         393
3rd      Dennis Sellers          390
4th      Dave Wilson             388
5th      Ron Kruger               380
6th      Steve Houdek           296
7th      Jerry Mundt               292
8th      Randy Moose           285
9th      Jim Sullivan              196
10th    Kory McIntire            194
11th    Nathan Swisher        193
11th    Dan Parker               193
11th    Bryce Tucker             193
14th    Aaron Robinson        188
15th    Sam Rodman            187
16th    Reggie Horak            100
16th    Rick Robinson           100
18th    Chris Reese                95

2018 Schedule 

May 6th - Prairie du Chien
June 3rd Prairie du Chien
July 15th Lansing
Aug 26th Harpers Ferry
Oct 7th Prairie du Chien 

Note: Lansing Village Creek Ramp will be closed starting August 1st until ?

September 22nd